Adding Credly badges to AWS re:Post if email addresses do not match

You can add your AWS certifications to AWS re:Post to show them on your profile and earn reputation points. In my case, I couldn’t add all certificates because some of them were issued when I was using an old email address. Each Credly badge contains an email address that will not be changed even if you change the email in your Credly profile.

When I tried to add the certificates, AWS re:Post showed the following error:

Could not verify recipient, your verified email address in re:Post must match the email address attached to the Credly certificate that you are importing

Solution: The AWS Training and Certification support team had to reissue the certificates under my new email. After that, I was able to add the AWS certificates to my AWS re:Post profile. They replied with the solution:

I’ve reissued your badges under your preferred email …. You should now be able to add them under the portal as needed.

I also contacted the Credly support team. They cannot change the (internal) email of the badges. So contact AWS Training and Certification if you have the same problem.






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